Cocky and Loaded

The Slingers

Josh Lee

Josh Lee

Natalie Esch

Natalie Esch

Holy Smokes!

All Fired Up

Chef Mike Ledesma

Chef Mike Ledesma

Chef for Passport
Chef Ro Alrahim

Chef Ro Alrahim

Chef for Belle & James
Welcome to Belle & James!

About Us

We have been serving craft cocktails and small plates since 2014. Belle & James, Both a destination and neighborhood favorite, offers something for everyone. The menu features a refined list of seasonally-driven classic and original cocktails, a wide spectrum of craft beers on tap and in bottle, and a collection of wines both old world and new. Our executive Chef, Mike Ledesma, has developed a Southern Comfort Menu to help pair with the Drink List! Though it’s just about the best bar for a date, the atmosphere is just as dynamic as the menu; it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day from the shade of our lush patio, to relax by candlelight on weeknights, or to get your cocktail fix on the weekends with some of best bartenders. We love what we do here, but we never take it too seriously! Fun is out Motto and we will be your ice-breakers for the evening! Our commitment to our craft is just as strong as our commitment to hospitality. Please feel free to ask questions about your drinks, and we’ll help you find what you are looking for whether it’s an old favorite or something new and unexplored. Our caring and knowledgeable staff’s goal is to serve you properly; fancy without the fussy.
Some awesome cocktails created by our Bartenders!

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