Questions..Confused…Need some Help???

Do you take reservations?

We encourage reservations for large parties(over 8), our current menu can be found through the links above. The James Bar has open seating for bar seating guest(s). We do have some reservations for the bar due to our high volume cocktail bar. The wait for cocktails are not long, however seating may not always be available. If the bar seating is taken, please don’t hesitate to approach our hostess who will kindly seat you at a table.


Where are you located?

We’re in the Hampton Inn Hotel located at 700 East Main Street, Richmond VA. We have street level entry along with hotel access.


Do you offer valet parking?

Can we be honest? We discourage driving here. But if you have a designated driver there’s ample metered parking on the Street along with Hotel Parking. If you’re from out of town, try Uber or Lyft.


Do you take walk-ins at your bar?

If we have space, of course. You only have to inquire with one of our managers or bartenders to see when we have availability. Typically before 7pm, more seating is available but we cannot promise.


What about private parties?

We love private parties–especially with a month or so advance notice. Contact us at, or peruse some options through our website for packages. We have space for up to 225 people and options for smaller parties as well.


What should I wear?

Why not dress to the nines? But we only require that you wear shoes and are reasonably covered.


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or food preferences?

Yes. Well, that’s it. Just “yes,” but please give us 48 hours notice or we may not be able to accommodate changes.


Can you accommodate non-drinkers?

Yes! People who don’t drink alcohol still have the right to delicious things. Request our bartenders to make you a Mocktail!


Do you have to be 21 or older to enter the bar?

Yes, unless it’s a really cute baby. Then we will require pictures too. Same goes for kittens and puppies. But, really, your kid (or pet) is going to hate it here. It’s adults acting like adults and only sometimes like children or animals.


Are you accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, please let us know any access issues in advance for your reservation if you can or tell the door person. We have an elevator, ramps and an access-positive attitude toward our colleagues, friends and family with disabilities.


How do you get to work here?

Luck, I guess. And luck is always better paired with perseverance. Just drop us an email at


What is the right music to get in the mood before coming to the Columbia Room?

Queen, we always suggest Queen!